GMC Calibrator – Efficacy of Mobile EdTech in India

Posted By graymatters On Thu, Dec 13, 2018

There are many reports which talk about the mobile explosion and the growth of digital solutions in India. However, the real gap in EdTech is in the journey from downloads to improving learning outcomes, employability and in bridging the digital gender divide.

This report – “Efficacy of Mobile EdTech in India: Mapping User Engagement to Learning Outcomes” finds out how the combined application of behavioural science, data-driven strategies and optimization can address the key challenges Edtech firms with Mobile solutions face in their journey from downloads to impact

The report is based on the hands-on work our mentors did with the 8 cohort companies during the GMC Calibrator program, the behavioural blueprint and user labs conducted in conjunction with Behavioural Architecture expert firm, Final Mile Consulting, the user testing with 2000+ users enabled by Career Launcher (CL Educate) as well access to our cohort’s customers and insights from 42 Education entrepreneurs apart from market data analysis and expert views.

For the areas we have worked in: government job test preparation, teacher capacity building, English language learning, vocational skills and life-long learning, the report highlights a few key ways to enhance engagement.

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